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Best post ankle break boot

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I broke my ankle about 6 years ago. Big Bridge jump that landed too flat.
Over the last few years I have had several operations with plates and screws etc. Even now it has constant dull pain in the break and on the scar tissue. I took a couple of years off skiing to recover.

When I did return I have worn a protective support to put extra padding between the ankle and the side of the boot. Prior to the accident I always had pain due to impact. Particulalry when landing in the park and on ice when the ski can judder.

I ski park, backcountry, piste and have no desire to cut anything out in order to save pain.  succombed to the real world and only ski 1 week per year now. I know it's gonna happen, I load up of pills, drink of booze at lot at lunch and grit my teeth. Towards the end of the day if you see a guy straight lining while screaming it is most likely to be me.

But as much as I accept it is part of my ski life I want to make it bearable. I have a footbed and the support but I need a boot with great support so that my foot does not move a mm as I think it is movement and impact that causes the discomfort.


Currently looking at the Lange Freeride 110 as an option to go with Line Chronics.


Has anybody got a similar situation and what was their solution?


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Not the same,  but I got a screw put in my ankle to reattach tendons.  My old Langes were unbearable,  so I started trying on all sorts of boots at the shops.  For some reason,  the Salomon Falcon doesn't hurt my ankle.  'Course I'm still battling with getting it to fit the rest of my foot well,  but at least the process still doesn't involve pain to my ankle.

I would try on a lot of boots to see if you can find one that minimizes the pain.

Good luck,

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My husband broke his leg in a car accident 4 years ago-open tib-fib fracture. Had a muscle graft to cover the hole and has a fairly large bump left over 'his burrito" from the surgeries. He had cut out a hole in the liners of his Salomon boots but the edges were wearing a hole in his skin graft. He got professionally fitted at Taos almost 2 years ago, including special liner molding and cant adjustments. The Boot Doctors-they also have a store at Telluride. They are worth the extra money
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