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Sugarbush Lodging Question

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My wife and I are planning on taking a three day trip to Sugarbush and the end of January.  My internet searching has so far narrowed our lodging down to either the Sugar Lodge or the Sugarbush Inn.  Does anyone have any opinions on either of these?

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The Sugarbush Inn is your classic large New England inn and is owned by the resort. Breakfast included plus you get free use of the Sugarbush Health and Racquat Club. It's about a mile to the base area. All lodging in the area is on the free shuttle route. Nice in house bar and grille.

The Sugar Lodge is a smaller more modern inn about 1/2 mile from the base area. Has a hot tub, small cozy bar and it's been a tradition to have cookies/coffe/tea in the afternoon in their spacious lobby for folks returning from the slopes. 

They are abit diferent but I would reccommend either one.
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 We have stayed at the Sugar Lodge and found it fine, not at all fancy, but clean, modern and very affordable.  

The Featherbed Inn in Waitsefield is very nice, more expensive, but a classic NE Inn and they serve a killer breakfast.  
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Thanks.  It looks like the Sugar Lodge.
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thanks for posting this question. I have not been to Sugarbush in years & was thinking about where to stay if I go there this year.

I had a ski & stay package at Stratton last year & loved it.

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A great little hostel right at the foot of the sugarbush access road. Very nice little place, but hostel style so expect that (wasn't an issue for me). Also, can't beat $30 a night!
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The Tucker Inn has a great breakfast and is a really classic VT B&B.

Last weekend we stay at the Beaver Pond Inn. Its really close to the mountain, has a hot tub and is also really nice. They also have a pretty good breakfast.

If you want a cheaper option there is The Hyde Away Inn. They have a restaurant and bar that is pretty good. The rooms were recently rennovated, they are always clean and in good repair, but definitely "no frills". Its located on route 17 on the way to MRG and Sugarbush via German Flats.

If you want super high end there is the Pitcher Inn which is probably THE quintessental VT inn though it is super expensive. Their restaurant is fantastic.

There is also the Lareau Farm Inn. Rooms are clean though nothing special, but they make an awesome breakfast and have some of the best pie in the world. They are also walking distance to American Flatbread which is convenient if you want to have a few drinks without driving.
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