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Hey all,
I have been skiing for awhile on the east coast US stuff and am going on a trip to Quebec, where it's definitely gonna be cold. I bought two jackets, gonna keep one and return the other, not sure which, I was wondering if anyone knew which would be warmer or which is better for the value. The first is a North Face Light Mountain Jacket. It retails for $299, but because it is last years model I got it for $174, nearly half off. I even have the North Face Denali, which zips inside of that one. It is goretex or something which apparently is good. The other jacket is called Killtec and was only $100. I've never heard of it but it seems to have more pockets and something inside to stop snow from coming in. The North Face was an amazing deal but is it actually worth the extra money?
Thanks so much in advance,

North Face Jacket:

Killtec Jacket is essentially this: