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Vist anyone??

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I know there was a thread a while back on Vist skis, but not much of an update as of late. I'm in the market for new skis and just came across the following from Ski Press magazine on Vist skis...surprised me a bit in that I never thought they had ratings this high:

# 1 in Men's Performance Carvers, Vist Super Front 2
# 1 in Men's Performance Cruisers, Vist Super Mountain 1
# 2 in Men's High Performance All Terrain-Med., Vist Cross Over 2
# 3 in Men's High Performance All Terrain-Lg., Vist Cross Over 3
# 1 in Ladies' Performance Carvers, Vist Super Front 2 Ladies
# 3 in Ladies' Performance Cruisers, Vist Super Mountain 1 Ladies

I know the skis are pricey and I know they're more of a boutique manufacturer, but do others out there have an opinion or have skied Vist?

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 Vist and Kastle killed it in the SkiPress tests. Both are some fantastic premium skis that are worth the $$. I have skied most of Vist's line other than the new 84 waisted ski that I am sure is uber stellar too. 
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 Very very nice skis. They look as $$ as they are too.
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VIST skis are indeed premium quality, premium price and premium performance. Very durable too...which is a good thing at that price!  If you have the $$ or €€ to spend on yourself, you probably will not be disappointed.  The VIST line definitely likes carving surfaces...I would bill them as "frontside" skis.  You can take them in the thicker, 3D snow...but there would be better choices if you want to explore off-piste.  If you want high-performance carving machines...the VIST line works well....Plus you can get really cool bindings...

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 Damn Exoticskis, you're making me drool before my first cup of coffee of the day.  Those skis are sharp!
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Drooling is good...
(click for larger images)


And in the interest of more beautiful skis...

ZAI  "Laisa":






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 Thems some purdy skis. 
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Off the that you Tom??...if so, coming to see you in the next few days, assuming we get some decent snow, to demo skis.
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