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So I just got my new K2 Extreme skis. this is the first pair of skis I've bought, because I've just rented for the 7 years I've been skiing. I need to know how to find bindings with brakes that fit. the dimensions of the skis are 118/85/109 mm. I understand that the middle number is the waist. does that mean I need like a 90mm brakes?
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You can bend most brakes out to fit the Extremes.  I had the PE and was able to bend my regular width brakes out to fit without any problems.

Find a good reasonably priced binder and don't worry about the brake width.  You'll be able to make it fit.

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Ok that works. I assume there is no special way you nee to bend them? Just use your hands?

What width brakes would fit without bending though? I'm just wondering.
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Yep, just bend them with your hands.  Just make sure your boot is in the binding when you bend them or you can break the plastic part of the brake.

I think the standard brakes are right around 78mm, that's what I had on my PE's.

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I was going to get my bindings put on and fitted to my boot at a store though so wouldn't they just say the bindings don't fit? well the brakes at least?

would these work?
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Need to know what height/weight you are and what skier level to know if those bindings will work.  

I generally think that most adult guys who are competent skiers should be on a 12 DIN binding.  

Check, they have lots of good quality bindings for reasonable prices.

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my friend said check there too.
I'm 6'0" 165 lbs. As good as I'd like to think I am in reality I'm probably just an intermediate skier.
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I'd still invest in a 12 DIN binding even as an intermediate.  The bindings will last you for years and can be transferred to your next pair of skis as you improve.   You can get one from levelnine that's the same price or cheaper than the Salomon in you earlier post.

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I was actually reading this and these sound like pretty solid bindings.

I have completely forgotten to thank you, so...
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Even if my questions were a little dumb, you still answered them.
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Those are nice bindings.  The 97mm brakes might be a bit of overkill on your 85mm wide skis, but they will work fine.

Glad I could help.  I don't think your questions were stupid at all.

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Would i be better getting a 78 mm and bending it?
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You could go either way.  I'd probably get the narrower brake if it was me.

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This is why I LOVE the search function. You two answered all of the questions I had.  I'm right there with you BlueNation.  Purchased my first pair of skis that didn't already have the bindings mounted, and needed assistance in picking the right kind.

Cheers to MikeC for helping out!!

Ski it to believe it!!
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Hey guys, I completely agree on the narrower of the two brakes.It may sound silly but if the brakes are too wide,the skis are really hard to carry because the brakes do not lock together well.Another good and affordable binding that would work well is the Dynastar NX11(formerly Look). Pretty sturdy and reasonably priced.Hope this helps.  Dave
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