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Wild Stallions

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Was with my 8yo son at he ski shop getting some boot work done yesterday.  They have a bunch of DVDs of this movie called "Wild Stallions" in the case.  So my kid says he wants me to buy it.  You want me to buy you a ski movie?  Gee, I think it took about 3 secs for me to get my credit card out again.

The movie is shot all in the East.  We only got thru 1/2 of it last night but it's a real cool flick, especially because there's sequences in lots of places I've actually skied.

It goes to show, you don't need helicopters and trips to Exoticstan or Nowheresonia to make a cool ski movie.
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Ahhh ... the joys of Meathead Films!!

Some pretty amazing stuff coming out of the East Coast for the past few years.  I've got Snow Gods and Wanderland in my DVD collection and think they've got just as much stoke as anything coming out of TGR. 

Although there's some pretty amazing talent, my 2 favorites are Radio Ron and Randy "The Hammer" Grasso.  East coast Retro Day refuges showing that you don't need the latest gear and garb to lay down some really impressive lines :)

Haven't seen Wild Stallions yet, but I'm hoping it shows up in my Xmas stocking on Friday!
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