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Demonstrating heel side turns

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When we teach first timers how to do heel side turns, we are typically standing on flat ground at the bottom of a trail. When we go from a flat board to a heel side edge, we often describe it as "sitting in a chair". However, when we do the move we either have to bend at the waist or straighten the legs in order to stay in balance. Neither of these are desired movements. How do you resolve this dilemma?
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Depends on the terrain you have...basically w good flat learning terrain just show the posture during falling leaves/heel side slides -- at which point the posture's not too different from standing on a flat board, anway, and not that much like sitting in a chair until much later in the learning progression.  So I'd assume away demo-ing this on completely flat ground if at all possible.  If on flat ground, I'd skate into a heelside, then toeside, so you can demo the movement while actually moving w, even @slow speed, is significantly different than while standing still.
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