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Too much forward lean in my new boots!

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I'm an intermediate skier in Boise, Idaho.  After skiing the last 10 years in a pair of Dalbello beginner boots I got a pair of Tecnica Attiva M10's last December.  I was fit in alot of different boots at the time and they all seemed to have a very similar amount of forward lean.  The forward stance felt uncomfortable to me but I figured it was normal for a more advanced boot.  I went with the Tecnicas because my sister has them and loves them.  The first time I skied them I felt completely off.  I have not been able to get comfortable with the stance.  I actually ski them in walk mode so that I can tolerate skiing in them.  Unfortunately I can't really get them cranked down right in walk mode and my heel is lifting.  Even in walk mode they feel too far forward for me.  I get really fatigued calves and quads.  I'm skiing worse in my new boots than I did in my worn out beginner boots.  I do have large calves and I know that is pushing me further forward.  I consulted with a boot guy at a local shop.  He said it wouldn't ruin the boots to ski them in walk mode.  He has offered to flare the liner to give my calves more room but it doesn't really look to me like that will help.  I've been told by people that ski alot better than me that this forward stance will improve my skiing and I should try to get used to it.  I'd say I have about 30 days in these new boots trying to get used to it.  I'm done, I don't want to lean forward.  I just want to be comfortable in my boots again.  I'm ready to start over with the knowledge that I need a more upright boot.  Do I need to go back to entry level boots?  I've explained all this to the bootfitter at a local shop.  He put me in a Head (I forget the model) boot and a Salomon Divine RS8 with my Tecnica boot on the other foot.  These 2 boots felt about the same amount forward as my Tecnica in walk mode.  the Salomon felt the best.  I plan to go to a couple more shops and try more boots.  Can anyone give me recommendations for boots with the most upright stance?
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You have a fore-aft alignment issue going on here and need to see a bootfitter with experience in stance evaluation.  You didn't mention whether you are using your old skis, however, some bindings in conjunction with some boots have been known to put a person to far forward.

Don't worry these things can be adjusted by an alignment specialist/bootfitter.

Keep in mind, due to anatomy and many other things the forward lean position that a boot is set at right out of the box is not necessarily right for everyone.

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Your problem can be fixed, check the tools at http://southern-ski-tools.southernski.com/tjs4.html,   also read the attached article.   We have folks send us boots from all over to re leave calf circumference problems.
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Thanks much guys!  It sounds like there is hope for my Tecnicas, but probably not here in Boise  No such modification has been suggested by either of our local ski shops.  My skis/bindings are 08 Rossi Z11/Axial2 140 TI Bindings.  I got them the year before I got my new boots and I really like them.  Would it be practical to send my boots to a shop without me, or do I need to plan a ski trip?  If it's a ski trip, the cost of the fix is rapidly escalating.  I love ski trips.  We usually take one during spring break but that's too far away.  I'd like to solve this early in the ski season so I can enjoy my season.  Would it just make more sense to find a new boot with less forward lean or is there no such animal?
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I did a little research and made a call to a few ski shops in Boise.  Have you tried Greenwoods Ski Haus?  They have several boot fitters that have been fitting for over 10 years.  Ask for Rolly or Don (not me), they are the boot fitters with the most experience at Greenwoods.  They should be able to help you or at least get you moving into the right direction.

Depending on how it goes at Greenwoods couldn't you make a day trip to Sun Valley?  You can certainly find a bootfitter that can help you there.

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The fitters at SKITEK in Sun Valley have the tooling and knowledge to help with your boots.
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Greenwoods is the place I've gotten the most help.  I'll stop back and in ask for one of those two.  If they can't help then a Sun Valley trip is imminent.  Thank you so much!
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