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Fischer FlowFlex Binding Question

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Does anyone know the difference between the 'Pro Z 13' and the 'RXZ13'?

I received an early Christmas present ' Progressor 9+' that was suppose to come with the Pro Z 13, but instead I received the RXZ13.

thanks in advance.
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The RXZ13 was matched to the Cool Heat ski, the Pro Z 13 was matched to the Progressor.

Does the RXZ13 match the graphics, or are the cosmetics and colors completely different?

Either binding will work on either ski, but the cosmetics and the specs might not be the same.

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Wildcat - the RXZ13 bindings are crome.  After posting I noticed a few Progressors for sale with the RXZ13.  Not sure why Fischer supplied this binding instead.  If you look at Fischer's website the Z Pro is listed with 'diagonal' technology, but the RXZ13 is not.  However on the heel of the RXZ13 it is labeled 'diagonal'.....   Guess I'll take to the slopes.
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 My Progressors (08-09 model) have the chrome RXZ13 bindings.  It's got the "aero" toe (same as Tyrolia Peak 15 or Head Mojo 15) with the "diagonal" LD heel (ie, same as Tyrolia LD-12).  These just happen to have DIN-13 springs all the way around, and unique Fisher styling.

Could just be naming changes for 2010 (assuming you have the 09-10 skis).
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Hi, everyone,  what kind brakes you got with the RXZ-13 bindings? My 09/10 model Progressor 9+ came in today with RXZ-13 too, and WIDE brakes! The box of the bindings says "RX Z-13 Flowflex Wide Brake", and I roughly measured the brakes they should accomodate 90mm skis without problem. Although the brakes close up a lot while boots in, and it seems there wouldn't be big problem while skiing, I'm still very curious about that. Why do they come with wide brakes? Anything's wrong?
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 The Progressor should come with the narrow brakes -- barely wider than the ski itself.  Sounds like a mixup to me -- maybe they sent brakes for the AMC skis.  Try contacting the place you bought from.
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Thanks, I may email them and ask the question. But the shop is at the other side of the continent, and over the border, so if there isn't a real problem I would prefer to avoid the trouble to change. I guess Fischer made (or ordered) too many RXZ13 bindings for its RX Heat line, while the line no longer exists and the bindings have to go, and go with Progressors. This wide brake RXZ is probably for RX Big Heat. That's a 08 model. I would wonder it's shop's mistake.
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