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Myself and a few friends will be in Salt Lake the final weekend of January for a five day stint, and a few of us in the group are considering a day of Cat skiing.  As a group, we've been traveling west a couple times a year for the past decade, and while we've had a few scattered pow days here and there, more often than not, our luck has been poor with timing our trip dates with some fresh snowfall.  Hence the thought of getting off the resort acreage for a day and paying a little extra cash for some guaranteed fresh, fluffy tracks.... at least, that's the thought.

So here's the question: anyone out there have any experience with the handful of Cat skiing tours available around the SLC area?  Specifically, we're considering Alta's Grizzly Gulch Cat Skiing due to its proximity to where we'll be staying and doing most of our skiing (Cottonwood Heights, Big and Little Canyons, respectively) but if reco's support it, we'd consider the Powder Mtn option as well.

First and foremost, is it worth it?  ($310 for five runs seems like a lot, but initially I was looking at the heli option.  By comparison, $310 is like shopping at Walmart.)  In otherwords, if we have a situation where we're looking at no new snowfall in the days ahead of our arrival, resulting in skied out conditions, what can we expect with a Cat tour? 

I must admit, this is definitely something I really want to try, but I'm concerned about being disppointed.  The whole point of it is to get off the resort, and at least into the "mid-country" for some untracked lines.  Is this a realistic expectation, or being so close to SLC and all the resorts is it - sorry for the pun - a less than epic experience?

Any feedback from the EpicSki community would be greatly appreciated.