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head S13?

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Thinking about picking up a pair of these in a 27.0 and then taking out the liner and putting in an intuition power wrap with my super feet cork beds.

Coming out of a Lang L10 Race fit that I should never have been in - 26.5... The forefoot area was punched but even after doing so these were too narrow for me. I have been grunting through each season for years now because even as painful as they can be I love the performance…
Skiing with little kids these days in very cold temps so this is no longer an option – LOL!

Facts: wide fore foot - flat foot (low arch) - street shoe 10.0-10.5 - smaller heal - smaller calf - aggressive skier.
Favorite Ski in quiver right now – mythic rider (176)
Thoughts or suggestions?
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good boot if it fits, but it is goinf to the other extreme, the L10 race fit is a 95mm last, the S13 is a 103mm .... that is one big chunck of volume difference.... that + the S13 is a very long shell, 317mm in a 27

i would only get them if a good fitter has told you it is correct
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Thank you. The langs were widened with a press several years ago. A fitter was attempting to put me in an atomic b120 at 104mm last week. Felt too large. Having a tough time finding a fitter that is just not trying to sell me on what they have vs what I need. Thoughts?
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Just an FYI the Atomic b series boots break on the half size. So a 27.0 and a 27.5 are 2 different shells. A good fitter will know the sizing scheme for atomic b series boots.
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