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 i was at whistler in a 5 day ski esprit program and found that my 2yr old head i monster m77 (163 length since i'm 168 tall) a bit too flimsy for some days in went to the top of the myn and got dumped with snow (sometimes it was wet snow so not necessarilyt powder, ie, one day the dumping was 49cm)...'twas my first time in powder, deep snow and on ungroomed runs with mounds so was I was having a really hard time, especially when on steeper blues.

i'm only a novice skiing mostly green/blues and trying to ski at least 20-30x this year ramp up my skill level (have been out 10x already)....

Ideally I want a versatile all mtn ski that is both forgiving but something i can grow into as my skill/confidence goes up....something i can use on both groomed runs, but also is great in crud and when I do get into heavier powder situations.

 from what i've heard something with a waist in the mid to high 80s would be good, but alot of the all mtn skis in this dimension range seem more suited to expert level skiers and are stiffer, so you need to have the technical skill and confidence to power them. (or am i mistaken?).