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Calves pushing toes forward... what to do

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I saw CEM and miketsc mention this in another thread, and I think I'm having this problem...

I have a very short but wide foot (7.5 EE) with very thick calves. I just got a pair of Tecnica Dragon 100s in a 23.5. I was really excited to get these boots, as I don't think I've ever really had a pair that were the right size for me. (I live in Western PA and there's no professional bootfitter anywhere near here, unfortunately.) Anyway, my local shop special-ordered these for me over the summer.

The shell fit seems perfect. With my thin smartwool sock, I can barely get a full finger behind my heel. The forefoot is equally tight... I'd say no more than a millimeter or two on either side.

Got out twice this week, and I have to say I was shockingly disappointed. My forefoot was really really snug. To the point that it was going numb on the first outing (not so much on the second... liner probably packed in a bit.) I have the bottom two buckles with virtually no tension, but some decent tension on the top two buckles. Nevertheless, I don't feel like my heel is really locked down and I'm not sure what to do about it. When I really try hard to engage my foot, I feel like my heel comes up and that I'm making turns on the balls of my feet (and then I lose control of the ski, obviously).

Now I must've intuitively realized that my calves were pushing my foot too far forward in the boot, since I removed the spoiler and it did seem to help. But my question is, if this boot seems to have a good shell fit, what can I do to help my heel stay locked down? I'm probably a level 7, so I'll fully admit that technique could be a problem... but it almost feels like the equipment is holding me back from the technique I'm looking for.

Thanks for any help.
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can you move the buckles out more?

small, thin heel lift to help get a bit less of your calf in the boot?  (and a bit more heel lock too)
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    Hi kaufee,

      Two things affect this issue, boot forward lean and calf circumference.  I'll check the forward lean measurement on Monday when i get to the office.  Put the boot on and measure around your calf at the top of the liner for me,----Opening the front of the boot will not allow your leg to move to a more vertical position. 
     If your calf is over 14 inches circumference you will need a more upright position in order to not push your foot forward.  Tibia forward lean position and heel height in the boot will also affect fore/aft balance.
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Hi Mike,

I just measured my calf circumference at the cuff and it's 15.5". What you're saying about forward lean makes sense. It doesn't look like the forward lean is adjustable on these, unfortunately. I'm hoping you have some good suggestions :)

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Where are you located---or you could ship the boots here and we will flair the cuff of the shell back the correct amount to set you up.  We have a tool on our web site(www.southernski.com) which is designed just for this purpose, there is also an article we wrote about calf size and it's affect on balance.   Some shops in the US and England have the tool, perhaps we could direct you to one of them.
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Thanks for talking with me this morning Mike... boots are on their way to you!
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Just wanted to update this thread since I got my boots back from Mike after he flared the cuff. The difference is simply astounding. The boots are incredibly comfortable now and my balance on the ski feels right where it should be. It's literally a night and day difference in my skiing ability. Thanks again Mike.
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