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Took a day trip to Sunapee with my fried Jon (JMS) to try to dial in some of the things we learned at ESA Stowe last weekend.  The skiing was as expected for this time of year -- good snow coverage on all the open trails, limited terrain but top to  bottom skiing on everything that was open; packed powder on hardpack early, and skied off hardpack by noon.

Naturally, we had a blast.  The temperature was supposedly 20 degrees at its highest, but we decided that the mountain managers duct-taped all of the thermometers to the 20 degree mark, because it felt much colder...

Me: 56 years old, but getting better at skiing year by year (thanks to Epic Ski Academy!).  Level 8ish skier, preferred terrain is off-piste and 3D terrain: bumps, crud, trees (especially when skiing in the West).  I previously have used a one ski quiver, and my current go-to ski is a pair of Head Monster 88s.

I decided to bring my new 2010 Gotamas with me, because I have not skied on them yet and was dying to see how they handled groomers and hard packed snow -- conditions where the reviews have ranged from good to iffy.  I was thrilled to find that they were great in these conditions -- I was able to lay them over to engage the entire edge fairly easily, despite the new "rockered" construction.  I think that the key with this ski IS to engage the edge, because my impression is that they would be pretty squirrely is you tried to ski them flat, but I was taught to ski from edge to edge since I started using shaped skis.  They would not be my preferred choice for skiing groomers all day, but I would be fine if I "had to" stick with them in those conditions -- by comparison, I switched to my Monster 88's after a couple of hours on the Goats.  Aside from being slightly easier to go from edge to edge with the Heads, I did not notice much difference between them while skiing (if anything, the Heads slid more, but their edge is not as sharp, and I switched to them as the trails were getting icier).  The other difference that is noticeable is that standing still on flat ground, it took a couple of minutes to adjust to having not the tip/tail in contact with the ground.

Because I bought these as a powder/off piste ski, I can't wait to try them out West!  So far, I LOVE them.

As a side-note, we ran across KevinF at the mountain.  He came up by himself and spotted Jon doing pivot slips (hmmm, ornage jacket, pivot slips, must be Jon (or me)...)