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home-made twintips.

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i read an article in a magazine (can't remember which) that gave instructions to curve your tails. has anyone had any experience and/or success doing this? i don't have too much money so i'll either do this or hopefully find a used pair of twintips for cheap.

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I saw this in powder this yr also. we took a few of the older skis people didn't want anymore and tried it... eh well it took a few to get it right, and even then they were still pretty weak.
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Take an iron and heat up the top and bottom of the tail of your ski until it gets soft and flexible. Then put the tail in a vice and bend it as much as you want. Once you've bent it, take it out of the vice and allow it to cool. Then drill a few holes around the egde of the tail about .25 inches apart. Put rivets in the holes and file them smooth on the base side.The rivets and strength. Still, they won't be as strong as real twins. You may want to try this on an old pair of skis first so you don't riun your good boards!
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you shouldnt criticize powdermag people and the board when you are takin info from the site. ohhh well what easternskier said works although he pirated it from powdermag.com
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