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Atomic Metron B5 11

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So I have the Atomic Metron 11 B5.  I received it brand new as a replacement for my delaminated Metron B5's 162cm.  I had them tuned with the edges set to 1,3.  So far, I don't really like this ski and I think it is because I have something set wrong.

Today is the 3rd time out on them with poor results.  Each time, I skied the Atomic LT11 170cm 16M all day and no issues with any conditions - steeps or ice.  After training I would switch to the Metrons and didn't have anywhere close to the control with the LT's

On the B5 11's 164cm 14M, they seem fine on easy terrain but slide on the ice (downward) on an area the LT11's lock in and cut across the ice.  I originally had the binding location "cheated forward 2 cm past the forward position.  The tail was washing out on anything slightly steep so I moved them to the standard "forward" position without any fancy adjustments.  They were also slipping on ice. The tails quit washing out but the ski still doesn't seem to hold an edge on anything.

I'm willing to believe I have a bad tune because I went to a shop I've never been to before.  I checked them best I could in the basement and they seem OK (i.e. at 1,3) but I'm not sure.  I'm confident that I'm not in the back seat and don't have this issue on the LT11 or my Elan GSX 176cm  21.2M (old but but new).

On the Metrons it feels like the front edge isn't cutting in and just slips across the ice.  On groomers they will carve but as soon as ice pops up, gravity wins.

I was hoping to use the Metrons for instructing this year but right now I have no confidence in them.  I have way more control with the LT11.

Any recommendations on things to check for or to try?

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First, I have always liked the atomic factory tune myself. Was there a reason you had them tuned before you skied on them? Second, did the shop detune them at the tip or tail? What I do when I think the tune is off, is I get them ground flat at my local shop and then carefully tune them my self with accurate guides.

The 1 & 3 should give you some initial forgiveness yet allow good edge hold once you get them up on edge. I skied this ski (170) for a year when it first came out several years ago and liked it. Never had any issues with edge grip. It is a wider ski than the LT11 (76 versus66) so the edge will not in the same place under your foot, could it be that you aren't getting the edge engaged enough?
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"could it be that you aren't getting the edge engaged enough?"

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

I think it was a combination of being so used to the LT's and how easy they grip and me not getting forward enough.  In the instructor clinic today, I talked to the instructor about it.  He watched me ski and he told me the ski is fine, I'm in the back seat.  He gave me a few things to do and viola!  Now they grip.  I was surprised how far forward I needed to project myself.  I now know what forward really is and spent most of the day working on it.

As for why I went with the tune -

The skis had been sitting in a shop for a couple of years and they looked like they needed some attention AND I try to have everything the same.  1,3 seems to work for me and has been recommended to me so I'm sticking with it.  Besides, I didn't want to upset A-man

Thanks for the feedback,

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Great. We all need a little help now and then. So,,,what did you think of them.
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I liked them.  Still have to increase my confidence with them in the steeps.  I'll be instructing/skiing the entire Xmas break so I'll have plenty of opportunity.  I'm sure once I get the position to be more natural and less forced it will be there.  I do think they'll be perfect for instructing.

I'm very fortunate to be working at the mountain I am at.  There is a wealth of knowledge there looking for someone to share with.  Lately it's been like drinking from a fire hose but it is starting to sink in.  Would like to get the opportunity to spend at least half a day just skiing and not learning something new.  Really want to practice all the little/big things I learned.

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First I blamed the equipment, then my skiing and now I'm back to the equipment.

I'm plenty forward and can carve the ski BUT if it is steep with ice, I slip.  I can be carving up to the ice, hit the ice and slip.

I gave up on them and decided to stick with the LT11's.  But they are getting beat up from instructing (kids skiing over AND under them and side slipping), so I decided to sharpen the Metrons and give them another go.  Did one side with the 3 deg toko and all was fine, flipped them over and  using the same guide it is touching the side edge differently; as in NOT touching where the base and side meet.  Checked the bases and they are concave.  I know that some Atomics are like that and maybe this is one of them, but they should be equal on each side.

I'll bring them to a shop tomorrow that is pretty good and see what they say.  I figure I'll do a base grind and re-set the edges.  If that doesn't work, someone is going to get a great deal on them!
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