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09-10 Head Joe105 or the John

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Don't know what to do,
   I'm 250lbs 6-1" and don't know whether to get the Joe or not I'm currently on the old Rossi dualtech, and it's time to change I'm a big fan of lots of turns, in trees and in the open, I'm used to skiing in the pow not on it. Is this fatty gonna be any fun, or am I gonna have to fight it to figure it out? Is it really soft?
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Please go into detail if you don't mind
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If you like lots of turns, I think the John 94 is a better choice.  It's got a turn radius of less than 20 meters, which the Joe 105's turn radius is over 34 meters.  While it's pretty easy to to slarve the 105 around, if I were looking for a turny ski I would choose the 94.

That's partly because I believe that the 94 has more than enough float for me in essentially any deep snow conditions I'm likely to encounter in-resort.  You've got a few pounds on me, so it's possible that the greater width of the 105 would help you with flotation in deeper snow.

Just for me personally, the 105 (or ANY ski over 100mm underfoot) is a pretty specialized ski that I would only pull out when there's lots of new snow.  Many people on this board feel differently and consider 100mm to be an absolute minimum for an "all-mountain" ski.  I just feel that the 94 is a much more versatile ski than the 105.  What it MIGHT give up in the way of flotation in deep snow, to me it more than makes up for in chopped-up stuff and on-piste.

I don't suppose there's any way you can demo both?
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Ditto kudos to the john if you like short turns. But demo if you can. (almost a must really)

Head took a sheet of metal out of the john this year (as opposed to the mojo 94 from last). It's softer for sure. (though this is all relative) Doesn't ski hard pack or crud as well as the stiffer ski did last year. But is still great for tight trees, and floats ok in the fluffy stuff.

I'm also agreeing with Bob on underfoot. The 94 is a lot more versatile than the bigger skis in the line. And if you are only going to have one set of skis, then def take the john.

But... If you aren't stuck on Head's for any particular reason, then also try and demo some of the other options available in that mid-90 waisted ski. Fischer Watea, Volkl Mantra, blah blah... Lots and lots of options. And do you really want a twin tip? Always pros and cons to that question, but def one you should be asking yourself.
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wow! how to answer a question with lots more questions!

in short, john 94 is going to be a lot more enjoyable than the joe 105.

but demo both if you truly need convincing...
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  I'm the mtn rep, so I'm going to go with the head. I did pull the trigger and I ordered the John, I was told it was the last pair, hope they get here fast. I absolutely love their race skis, and I have a pair of chip monsters, but I haven't figured how to ski them in deep snow (they seem to dive if memory serves), so I went for some pow sticks, I'm happy that the laminate construction will get me through a bunch of seasons, but I'm hoping that they'll be relatively easy to rip on at all speeds.
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