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"Bouncing chair"

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In the "jump off the chair" thread, there're repeated mention of "bounce the chair out of its rail". I confess I'm having a little difficulty understanding how that being the case...

So if some of you had been in a chair that someone jumpped, what happen to the chair? Does it do up and down? Or swimg back and forth? Just curious. 

A couple years ago, I was on riding on a chair and a teenages 2 chairs away dropped to the snow below. I never felt a thing till I heard the "thump" of his board hitting the snow below...

I wonder if there exist any vid of it? Like that chair roll back vid?
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Here's one, no extreme bouncing by the looks of it.
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Originally Posted by tylrwnzl View Post

Here's one, no extreme bouncing by the looks of it.

The most frequently used invective here certainly applies -- "Douchebags !"
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It's dangerous though, especially for little kids.  Bouncing a chair intentionally or in some cases hopping off can knock a person off and kids are especially prone to the risk.

In that video, the two guys were "quiet" getting off.  Sometimes you can really get a bounce.

Then too, there is the bounce from an abrupt stop.  The Stowe quad has a wicked bounce.  Can see getting tossed on that one! 
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 Not that it will, but jumping off a chair can create a standing wave in the cable which can then come off the rail. Imagine the guilt level from derailing an entire chairlift and the injuries not worth jumping even once for me.
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