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Correct ski length

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Hello boardmembers, I am 5'-9.5" and weigh 190lbs. I have a pair of K2 Apache Raider skis,160cm,119-78-105. I am  concerned that they are too short for my height. Also, Is it possible for a ski of this length with these proportions to have an exagurated parabolic(shaped ski) shape that may affect its performance characteristics? It seems to me with different lengths with same tip-waist-tail measurements that this could be possible. I haven't been able to get the skis to edge. Maybe it's my lower skill level. It seems it's harder to get better by skiing on relatively shorter,steeper runs prevalent in the East. Thanks to anyone's thoughts about this.
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As a ski length changes, a ski manufacturer has two choices: change the dimensions to keep turn radius similar or keep dimensions the same and let the TR change (shorter ski = shorter tr). Most choose to have the Turn Radius change.

Your ski is a bit short for your height/ weight, but ability level does play a major role, 160cm isn't wrong for you. I'd suggest taking your skis to some flattish easy terrain and practice just gently rolling the ski up onto edge and ride the sidecut, try this for a few runs to get the feel for arcing turns on the new ski then take it to the steeper runs and have fun.
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To Whiteroom, Thanks for the reply. My skill level is probably a major factor. I have only skiied in Va. and W.Va. It seems the runs are relatively shorter and steeper which also seems to slow my learning curve. Perhaps my family and I will take a trip out West( Utah, Nev. Mont. Ida etc.) 
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