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After demo'ing 8, need help selecting first ski

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Hey everyone,

Relatively new to the forum, and it's been a great help so far reading things here. I'm looking to get my first set of skis and hoping to get some input from some members. Planning to buy previous year's models and/or used.

I'm 6'3", 170 lbs. Level 6/7 skier: can confidently ski any groomer at high speed, usually look for the steepest groomers, can link a few turns on moguls but want to improve with the bumps. Started skiing at age 6, now 21. Plan to ski at A-Basin and Keystone the most this year.

Almost everyone says go demo, so I went to Keystone the other day (stayed on the Summit Express and took the various blues/a groomed black to the River Run base). Demo'ed the following:
  • Volkl AC50 (170cm) - 2 runs. Loved this thing, but I don't want to constantly be flying down mountains. Held edges, super responsive, felt like it was carving by itself once it got up to speed. Probably needed the 177cm. Overall, would like something a little easier to use at lower speeds. Felt like it was way more ski than I needed.
  • Volkl AC30 (177cm) - 2 runs. Felt similar to the 50 but easier to turn at lower speeds and more flex. Didn't scream at me to go faster. Would like a little more dampness.
  • K2 Recon (177cm) - 3 runs, +2 at the end of the day. Felt like a Cadillac after the Volkl's. Liked the dampness, but didn't seem to hold edges well on the crusty stuff. Also disliked how it sort of seemed to guide me instead of waiting for directions (if that makes sense).
  • Rossignol S3 (177cm) - 1 run. Hated. Felt like I was sliding everywhere. Unresponsive for quick turns.
  • Rossignol Avenger 82 Carbon (170cm) - 3 runs. Fun to ski but nothing really stood out.
  • Nordica Jet Fuel Carbon (178cm) - 3 runs. Probably my favorite out of the bunch. Seemed to combine the performance of the Volkl's with a little bit of the dampness from the Recon. Held every edge with a death grip. Waited for my movements and was very responsive at all speeds/turns. Talking to the guy in the shop, he said the vertical sidewall on these were responsbile for the edge control. Whereas the Recon has a slanted sidewall, and for me, couldn't hold an edge as well.
  • Dynastar 6th Sense Big (176cm)- 2 runs. Felt uber nimble. Didn't seem to lock into turns as well as the others though. Also I don't ever plan to venture into a park.
  • Dynastar Sultan 85 (172cm) - 1 run. Absolutely hated. Couldn't make quick, short turns. Felt exceptionally unsafe. Resorted to a much slower, cautious style of skiing.

*Disclaimer: These are my own impressions, and as an intermediate skier take them with a grain of salt.*

Like I said, I'm looking to buy previous year's models and/or used (limit is $300). So what skis could possibly work for me?

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Not sure what you are asking. Are you asking where to get any of these for $300? If you are asking for opinions of th skis, your own impressions mean far more than any opinions you will get.

Just look for deals on the ski that gave you the best ride for what you like to do.

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 You might find some older Recons or even some AC40's for $300. The SC40 is kinda like the new AC30.  
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Sounds like you are looking for whatever the Jet Fuel Carbons were called a year or two ago. (Maybe the Afterburner???) Look on eBay for a lightly used pair, or on the classifieds here, etc.
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Sorry for not making myself clear MojoMan. I was hoping that after members read what I liked and disliked from the 8 demo skis, they could recommend other skis that I did not try. So, maybe there's an Atomica ski which has similiar characteristics to what I liked out of the 8 demos. Or, maybe a couple years ago Elan made a ski which might interest me. Etc.

qcanoe - searched for some afterburners but only found 08/09 at a minimum of about $400.

On LevelNineSports there's a Head Monster 72 (177cm, 118-73-103, 16m) for $199. And a Head Monster 75 (177cm, 115-75-104, 18.4m) for $169.

I realize that these are narrower underfoot than what I demo'ed. But how would they compare? Would these work for me?

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Head seems to combine the Völkl performance feel with some dampness.

What turn shape and snow condition would you be skiing most often, and how often on what other surface or turn shape?
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Would mainly be skiing the groomers but looking to improve with the bumps. Might see a little powder but not much. So 60 groomers/ 30 bumps / 10 pow. Turn shape is a little more SL than GS. I like to be able to go edge-to-edge pretty quickly.
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If the snow is soft where you are you might want to try Head SS Magnums or Peak 78.
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