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Short pants

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Ive been looking for pants for a while now and the only two pants i found that come in a short size(around 28in)  are the north face liberation pants and marker suspender pant. Ive looked at kids pants but i need a 28-30 waist and their all super small.  Do i have any other choices? Also i have no good ski shops around me so im stuck to the internet so links to good sits would be great.
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Arc'Teryx sells most of their pants in a short, as well as their bibs.

Backcountry has the new scarab in a short :
and the Stinger bib in short:

The Sidewinder SV is also available in a short, although not from backcountry.
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 thanks guys.
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I have a pair of Mountain Hardwear shell pants that came in a short length - mandatory for me. I've had them less than two years, but so far they have been excellent in terms of fit and resistance to wear. The material is kind of a heavyweght ripstop with Cordura at the wear points, with their proprietary "Conduit" membrane. Not sure if they also make an insulated pant. Strangely enough, I found these on sale at Zappo's.
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Patagonia has been a good choice for me, although in regular, the 30-inch waist size fit me well at 5 foot 9 and with pretty long legs. I am sure the short would do well for 5 foot 7 height people or under.  They always seem to have a fit that is built for the more active person, which is great.  Most of us climbers and cyclists aren't carrying around too much extra weight.  Patagonia is nearly the only brand I can wear these days; everyone must be getting bigger, as even a "small" is too big many times.  Who ever thought a 5 foot 9, 155lb, relative athletic person wouldn't be able to find their size in the US? I am a "Large" in Japanese sizing!
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I've had ArcTeryx pants for 3 seasons and they have been great.  I bought them because they were short and liked the quality.
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North Face Freedom Insulated (or Non) . I gt mine in a size L and XL in the short lengths. 2" Shorter I recall than normal. Tough to find though!

Took a lot of buying and returning of different brands to lock in on a pair that worked.
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