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I've been staying away from this site since the format change last year. I was hoping it would be easier to use by now.

Since ski season is here I have been trying to gather some info. 

How can I get the search function to give me recent posts first?  Everything I search for will have 1000+ threads that match, with 7 year old responses first.

Any help?
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Its even worse than that.

I just did a search for Kirkwood,and the 1st in the list of 1500 items was 2005. The order was a complete useless jumble.

Then I tried to limit it with advanced search to just the past week. In the top 10 was a post over 4 years old.

Totally useless,and anoying
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 just use advanced search, then you can sort by recent posts first.  should be that way with the basic search I know - but it's not useless, you just have to know how to use it.
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