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Shaped Skis & Hamstrings

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I was subbing a class for a friend, and decided to "treat" the particpants to my killer hamstring routine. One girl looked at me with an apologetic expression on her face. She told me that she had just come back from a ski trip. Although she had been skiing for many years, this was her first time on shaped skis. Her hamstrings were "killing her." She said that on straight skis, she usually felt her quads. Now she feels her hamstrings.

What is it about shaped ski design that would cause someone to use more of the back of the leg, as opposed to the front?
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I don't pretend to be an expert, but I think she probably was doing very active unweighting of her skis by pulling them up to her body - perhaps powder or crud? - and must have overdone it, since shaped skis don't require that much of loading/unloading.

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I believe she was skiing New England ice! I find this interesting because women have a tendency to overuse their quads, and "underuse" their hamstrings, which is one of the reasons they injure their acl.
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Then she must have been trying to stay on top of her skis : shaped skis tend to carve easier and may "run away sideways" on ice, especially if she knows how to handle ice on straight skis. To stay on top, she must have been trying to do so by using her hamstrings and the forward flexibility of the boot. Of course, all of this is nothing but speculation, as it is hard to tell what she was doing without actually skiing with her, but I had something similar happen to me when I was taming my first shaped skis: believe it or not, my calves were hurting the following morning, as I had been using my feet too much.
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