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Quick Question About Waxing???

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I was curious when waxing your skis. If you know you areĀ  going to be skiing in powder conditions should you use a softer wax or a harder wax then what you would use normally? Or does this not matter, and should you just put the wax on for the air temperature of that day. Thanks a lot!
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Regardless of snow type, I believe it's better to err towards colder, harder waxes than warmer, softer waxes. The harder waxes still run well in warmer snows, while warmer, softer waxes can create drag in colder snows.

Wax temps are based on the snow temperature, not air temperature, though the air temperature may get you in the ball park. Different aspects/exposures can be different snow temperatures due to sun intensity or wind chill. Taking some snow temps and comparing to air temperatures may be a good idea so you can get a 'sense' of the air to snow temp relationships.
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