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fischer rx6

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I have a pair of older fischer rx6's but the top sheet is starting to peel back from the edges.  has anyone else had a similar problem with these skis?  i am buying a new pair as we speak, but would like to keep these around for skiing the ice here in minnesota.  i checked with the local ski shops and they all said i had to send them into fischer to be relaminated, but am wondering if there are any gear peeps on here who would know a better place to send them to get fixed...thanks
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I would send them to Fischer or scrap them. The RX6 is a very good ski, but only the factory is qualified to repair them.

I doubt the factory will repair them, replacement is more common.
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Same thing happened to mine (I believe that they're from 2004-2005), the clear protective plastic "skin" on the skis peeled back about a foot in length and an inch in. I called Fischer and they said that the warranty period for alpine skis is 2 years. They suggested that I bring them to the shop that I bought the skis from, although they did say that it would probably cost some money to repair as the skis are no longer under warranty. I used some thinned extra time epoxy and clamped the skin down to the skis with spring loaded and c-clamps as well as zip ties to make sure that there was no air trapped under the skin. Hopefully this will keep the cover from peeling again.

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If you search under RX8 delamination, you'll find lots of background here.  I have a pair of RX8 from the same time period.  Classic good idea (heavy protective topskin) gone wrong.  The time for replacement is past. 


Several ski technicians told me that no epoxy would really hold up over time due to the flexing of the skis.  They suggested I simply cut off the offending topskin.  That's what I've done. It has not affected the performance of the skis at all, but they look like they have leprosy.  Luckily, I couldn't care less about aesthetics.

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