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I want to try for the first time mounting my own bindings to a new pair of *bargain skis*.  Where do you think I need my next pair of skis to fall?

My current quiver:

177cm Volkl G3 - 108/70/96 - Bought new 7 years ago - my rock and groomer ripping skis
178cm Dynastar Legend 8000 Fluid - 120/79/103 - Just got them new
186cm Dynastar Legend Pro Rider - 128/100/118 - Just got 'em new this week
177cm G3 Baron - 116/81/104 - AT skis

100+ waist powder day skis or what?  I'm only at 165lbs and think the 184cm Pro Riders will get me by in Colorado pow.  I could shift the Volkl G3s to early season use only.  If so, what kind of ski would be best to put prior to the Legend 8000?
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You really don't need anything before the 8000. Maybe if you want to own the WROD, you could get a short SL?

The LP's will be pretty good in powder.  I was on my 194's last weekend and the tips do dive a little in heavier snow. You have to ski the LP fast, aggessive and keep it in the fall line.

A lot of the kids were killin it with the newer shapes, S7's, JJ and the Bents. They look like they are a lot easier to ski in the mank. 
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Thanks SH.  I snagged the LPs to be my "go to" average day ski for Vail's open terrain.  I'll try it in pow and see how it does for me but suspect that I'll find the same thing in comparison to the newer shapes.  A reverse reverse ski would be a good pow only option and I'll keep my eyes open for one in the bargain bins.  Perhaps even last year's Dynastar BT would be a better powder day set of boards for me and they are beening blown out for $250 but for true weeks of powder...  
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