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Mounting Tele skis with Alpine Bindings

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I've recently started the search for a new pair of skis, probably something in the fat/mid-fat category and i've come across a killer deal on the Black Diamond Kilowatts. The problem is, i'm more of the "bindings mounted firmly to my skis" kind of rider and my impression is that the Kilowatts are a telemark specific ski, (even though the BD site has measurements for mounting these bad boys with alpine bindings). As a sidenote, i'm about 6'2 180 lbs with some racing background, skiing mostly in the northwest, and i'm looking at the 185's. So, what can i expect from purchasing a 'telemark' over a traditional alpine ski? Are they softer, stiffer, different/strange turn radius? Or can i expect the advantages of a tele specific ski (lightweight for skinning) without the drawbacks? Please help!
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I mounted Barons on K2 Anti-piste last year, so far no problems.
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marketing is the main difference,   SOME tele skis are softer (great if you want a softer ski) but usually that is about it.  The ski can't tell if you are mounting AT, tele, or DH bindings on it, and can't tell if you are a man or a woman either.

I have last years anti-piste, mounted with alpine, and that is the same ski as this years coomback.
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Your impression is incorrect - Kilowatts are not tele-specific skis.  They were designed to be mounted with alpine and alpine touring bindings as well as tele.  People put alpine and AT bindings on them all the time.  Black Diamond publishes alpine binding mounting directions for them.  Mount with confidence.  

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^^^ Bob Lee is correct, none of the BD skis are tele-specific.  You should be just fine with Alpine or AT binders.
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Excellent guys, thanks. It sounds like i better pick these up before they're gone!
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I once found that by trimming away some top plastic of an AtomicTM:20 you'd find the topsheet for an Atomic 8:20 alpine ski under it.  I suppose some skis are tele-specific, but those were just a cosmetic overlay.

I see you are in Bend.  Look for me on a powder day on my Atomic Janak tele skis with AT bindings.  Poor man's Sugar Daddy's, work just fine with fixed heels.
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