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Boots so tight ,, please help

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Ok I got new boots,  I went to a reputable shop.  He sized me up and put me in 26.5.   I wear a size shoe 10.5 and charts say I should wear a 28.5  
I know shoe size can vary but a 26.5?  The guy was nice and certified boot fitter at a good ski shop.  Went through at least 5 to 6 pairs and a few hours.  But the boots are so tight. even after wearing them a while.  I can even take the liner out of the shell and just the liner crushes my toes.  I have several friends who wear 10-11 shoe and everyone is in 28.-29. 

I took the liner out and I am able to get about a finger and a half behind my heel which i read was correct?

I ski very aggressive and fast, groomed, mostly GS style.  I have the Nordica Speedmachine 110.  I tried the Tecnica Agent 80 which has way to much flex.  I just got these Nordica's and I have not even got a chance to try them out yet, but just wearing them around the house and my toes are fried.  Any thoughts?
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try skiing them, and get back to us.

5-15mm is about right (not sure how big your fingers are)

this should be fine in the long run, just a  few sung days to start with, then you can start to out ski all your buddies (cuz there boots are too big)
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Ok, thanks for the reply, Im going to try and get up this week to give them a try.
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Just a foot note---the liner is shorter than the shell and your foot will have to stretch it.---did your fitter heat mold the liner for you?
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 What size were your last boots and did they work well for you? Sometimes foot length is not the final determining measurement. Arch length and heel / instep girth can also define the fit. Do you have a tall instep? Try the liner on again to see if the tongue seats back against the leg. Also check to see if you have any space behind the heel when in the liner only. If you are tight end to end you will have a real challenge getting the toe's comfortable. You just might be plenty tight in a 27 size shell.  Before you ski them I would try on the next size up if you haven't already. 
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Yes , the fitter heated them up and then I wore tthem for about 15 minutes in the store standing and walking around, felt ok, a little tight.

Unfortunately, my old pair of boots are M.I.A. after a move, so I cant remember the old size.  Im told that my foot is pretty all around average size , no tall instep or anything out of the ordinary.   With just the liner on there is no room at all in toes or heel.  I havent skied them yet, but I am starting to feel like the customer from hell if I bring them back, I like the boot arch, heel, flex.  I'm just suprised that my foot would be so tight and uncomfortable with just the liner in, but he seems to swear that 26.5 is right
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the speedmachine has a long shell and a very short lasted liner, if you have the shell check that you say then it SHOULD be ok, but it will take some time, stupid thought but is the liner the correct size for the shell... you could also measure the internal of the shell toe to heel with a tape measure and then measure the external of the liner, what is the difference in size...is there a big difference

one other thing to think is are you getting into the back of the shell/liner, if you have a large calf or a thick ankle/achillies arear then you may not be all the way back which will take up the valuable toe space
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Ok, I did a measurement of my foot length and got 26.5.
Liner got 28.0
shell 28.0 (although measuring the inside was difficult and may be off slightly)
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in theory all sounds good, sounds like either it just needs a bit /lot of packing down or you are not getting right into the back of the shell

are you
1 using very thin socks
2 clipping the top fo the boot first and flexing a few times before clipping front clips
3 clipping very lightly
4 standing rather than sitting

etc etc
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1 yes, very thin "smart wool " socks
2 I usually clip the second one down first then upper then lower two.
3 I clip the uppers maybe too snug but the lowers light.
4 I was standing in them for about an hour at the shop and the felt ok just a bit tight. then tried them on again at home when they seemed to shrunk.

Many thanks from across the pond

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Humor me---put the boot on and measure around your calf at the top of the liner---what CEM said about big calf pushing toes to front is very true
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Kind of a rough measurement with a metal tape, but I got about 36-36.5 roughly
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Originally Posted by Karl773 View Post

Kind of a rough measurement with a metal tape, but I got about 36-36.5 roughly
If your boot still has the spoiler mounted to the back of the shell---remove it, this will allow your leg to be more upright (not pushed forward as much).  You are right on the border line where calf size effects fore/aft balance. 
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forgive my ignorance.... but Im not sure what the spolier is.?
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The Speed Machine 110 spoiler is held in with a bolt through the back of the top of the shell---right through the power strap---take the bolt out remove the spoiler(the black thing inside the shell held by the bolt) then put the bolt and nut back in to hold the power strap in place.
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Ok, so I went back to the fitter and talked to him again and he ended up going up one size and they feel perfect!   Snug, almost like they were made for my feet.   He said if they get loose over time that they can replace the foot bed with a larger one to fill up the space.  

So hopefully everything is right now.

Thanks for all the help and Merry Christmas.

PS, of all the forums I have used over the years, this has got to be the best and most helpful responses I have ever seen, thaks again.
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