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Intuition Liner in a Junior boot?

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Hi!  I'm seriously considering ordering a pair of Intuition liners, but wondered if they will fit in a junior size boot?  I have the Tecnica Diablo Race 90 in a size 4.5. mm 277.  I've only been on the hill twice, but both times my feet froze and were hurting and I thought I was going to pass out when I took them off they hurt so bad.  Any advise on this would be most appreciated.
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not a problem with using an intuition in that size of boot.... the question is why did your feet freeze?.... is it general circulation or is there a compression somewhere, another possible cause may be a lack of flexion at the ankle which will load up the forefoot and can send the foot cold and numb, maybe a trip to the fitter for a little check up of flexion/fit etal
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Thanks for your quick reply CEM.  I have a fused right ankle and a huge calcium deposit on the inside of that ankle that lies right over the nerve.  Had extensive boot work done a couple of years ago and they punched out the side over the calcium deposit but it's right where the hinge is, so it can't be stretched anymore.  I placed some padding above the ankle and that seemed to help.  I hate to toss the boots.  My boot work cost me a small fortune.  Had the soles planed 5 degrees out on that boot and 1.5 in on the left.  They work great, they just kill my feet though!  The cold feet might be from the circulation, but they really had to stretch the liner to get my size 8.5 feet into them.

Never heard that the lack of flexion could contribute to my cold feet, but now that you mention it...I can see that being one of the main causes for it.

Thanks again for the help.
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the ankle fusion therefore lack of flexion may be loading the forefoot up as i said, it could be that making the foot go cold or it may juswt be a bit of compression from the liner...always difficult over the interwebby thing, if the shell works for you then trying the liner may be a good solution, who is your boot guy, what does he think about this idea

prehaps the universal or plug liner may give oyu a little more space for that avaerage size foot in a very small shell
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I haven't talked to my boot guy (Paul Mercier).  Maybe I'll give him a call and run it by him.  I'll check out the universal and plug liners.  Thanks again for your advice CEM.

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ski fast and good luck getting this sorted
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