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New boot advice please !

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I want to get my son,nearly 17, a new pair of snowboard boots and I haven't shopped for them for a couple years when I bought some for an older daughter . She's happy with hers which we bought after researching the options but this time I would like to hear from people who are aware of current models and where the future of snowboard boots is heading.

What's new ? What's worth the dime and what's not ?  All he stated is he wants a lighter boot. This may or may not be good for him . He's a lanky kid and is athletic , very good with a skateboard (urban park style) and does some pretty cool  freestylin on his bike. I see him doing some air but not big air. He's been snowboarding for about six years but not a lot of trips up the hill over the years. He will be going more this year because I think it would be good for him and he's willing . I think he just needs a crew to hang with to make it more fun for him . Hanging out with the old guy is boring for him  unless he brings a buddy. We're a close pair but he needs his space and I understand that.

What would you buy if you bought new boots ? The ones you have or the ones you wished you bought ?
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Here's the problem.  Just like ski boots, you need to get the snowboard that fits your son's foot.  Not mine, not yours, or anyone else.  Which means you got to take him in and try several on.  Nothing worse than getting an ill fitted snowboard boot.  Well except maybe an ill fitted ski boot.  As far as brands go, Vans, Salomon, K2, Ride, Nitro, Celsius, are all making excellent quality boots.  Look for their freestyle oriented boots.  Those tend to be lighter and more flexible.  Sounds like he'll want lace ups vs a Boa type boot which tends to be more of a free ride boot.  Though BOA's will be found in freestyle model boots too.  If you go that route, look for the BOA focus models.  Burton also makes some decent boots, but look at their higher end (more expensive) models.  Their budget minded boots break down super quick.  32 also makes some light weight boots, durability has been a problem with them.  A couple of my shop friends say that they are named 32 because that is how many days you get on them before you have to warranty the boot.  Rumor is that quality is better with them now.

So anyway, maybe get a gift certificate at a local shop and take him to find a pair that fits.  The high end on cost for a pair of boots is generally around $300.  You can find a great quality pair in the range of $160-$250 in general.  Gets easier the later in the season it is of course.  Good luck.
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Thanks killclimbz for your thoughtful answer. Your premise is that the state of quality is comparable in top of line products and that sounds fair but are there some types of lacing or tightening features that are better to avoid ? Some have typical liner type lacing with the pull tab and a lock, some have laces like old ski boots and some have a knob for adding tension . Do some of these work better than others ?  Which offers the best tight fit or is it just down to getting those laces as best you can. It seems to me this is the weakness of their designs that I've looked at as they need to find ways to get a good snug fit and have the foot stable.
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All of those companies I listed have good speed lace closures of some sort, and just regular shoe lace type boots.  The "knob" closure you are talking about is the BOA system. It's the type of system that I use, as it best fits my personal needs in snowboarding.  The Focus system is probably the one you would want to get him.  It has two knobs, one for tightening up the foot area and one for tightening up the cuff.  It fits the best.  Once you get the BOA tightened to where you want, it doesn't loosen up.  Of course boot compression during riding might loosen up the boot a little, but it's easy to turn the knob to crank it down a bit.  Also, if the cable breaks (and they rarely do), it is actually fairly easy to replace them.  BOA has a video on their website on how to do it.  I had a friend do it after his cable broke (after 200+ days of riding on it) and it took him less than 30 minutes to replace both cables.  The speed lace closure boots can actually be a bit more tricky to replace than the BOA.  As far as the liners go, most are just pull and slide lock closures.  A few models like the K2 DB1 have a BOA liner. 

From the gist of your post I was under the impression your son would be kind of a park rat.  Most park guys like the regular boot lace models for their riding. Of course the liner would still have the quick pull tab.  I am more of a back country splitboarder type, so that is why I use the BOA boots, as I can loosen them for the up and quickly crank them tight for the down.
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Thanks a lot. After a bit of online research on the manufacturers  I'll just take him to some shops to check the selections and to get the proper fit. He can choose for himself the closure options you spelled out for me.
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I think that is the way to do it.  Good luck!
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Hey Killclimbz - definitely some food for thought here.  I have been checking out the new Nike snowboard boots (can't believe I am writing that) and even with the whole Tiger situation I will shop Nike.  Have tried them on and found them to be super light, comfy and the lace up system rocks...  Plus you know anything from Nike has to be OK (except maybe their sponsored athletes...)
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The Nike boots have gotten pretty good reviews.  The internal closure is what most people talk about being the best feature.  Again though if the boot doesn't fit it's worthless.  I have yet to try some Nike boots on to see if they fit me or not.  Sounds like they are a good fit for you.
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...I'd only add have him take his board and bindings if he has his own, while trying on the boots.  Actually have him strap in and bounce around a bit.  For a variety of reasons this gives info you can't get trying only the boots on. 
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