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Boot / Binding advice

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Hi, I'm 6'2 195 lbs and am an "intermediate" to "Advanced" skier. That is, I can get along pretty well on any groomed terain, get down bumps, but its not pretty, and have not spent much time in powder - yet. I do not know much about gear. I have always just skied what I had...

I just moved to CO and plan on spending a lot more time on skis than ever before and plan/hope to make some real progress this season.

Right now, I am skiing on last season's K2 Apache Recons and circa 2000 Salomon 7.0 Performas boots that probably are a bit too big. Also, I am using rental bindings (bought my skis as demos and haven't changed the binding).

Since I will be skiing a lot more and seek to make progress, I am considering upgrading boots/bindings. Any recommendations?

Will upgrading either help me improve my performance? If so, any good reocommendations? I would really like good all mountain equipment that I can use for the foreseeable future as I improve and transition from mostly groomed to bowls and backcountry .

Thanks and sorry for the vague criteria...
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Boots make a huge difference in performance and comfort.  That's where you put your money.  Forget the bindings unless you are having problems with them.  Where are you in Colorado?  There are several world-class bootfitters here (Jeff Bergeron in Breck, Jim Lindsay in Aspen, Greg Hoffman in Vail, for example). Go to one of them, get boot recommendations and a fitting, and you won't regret it.  After that, get with a good ski coach/instructor for a couple of lessons and clean up your technique. There are two ways of getting down a hill:  ski it or survive it.  Skiing it is more fun! 
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welcome to Epic ski, i will echo Mike and say put your money into a well fitted pair for boots, the fitters listed are among the best in the world, see one of them and you will not be disappointed

oh and before i forget, enjoy the forums
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thanks for the advice. As far as boot fitting goes - does that mean I should buy my boots from the shop where they are affiliated? I was planning on getting them at CO Ski and Golf b.c I have a gift certificate there for a decent amount of $. Would I be making a mistake buying it there?

Could I get my boot fitted by the folks you mentioned above and still buy the boot at CO Ski and Gof?

Lastly, any particular boots you recommend based on the goals and description I described above?

Thanks again for all the advice.
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i would buy boots from the fitter, this way the majority of the fitting work (normally unless anything major) will be included in the price, use your gift cert for a pair of skis or a shiny new jacket to match your new boots

you could get a boot then take it to be fitted, but what you save on the boot price will quickly be swallowed up in fitting charges + if you get the wrong boot they may not be able to do anything

as for recomending models...i cannot see your feet so i will not comment, let the boot fitter guide you through the process, thats what they don best
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What CEM said.  Go to the fitter first.  He will examine your foot, leg, hip alignment, etc., and recommend a few boots that might be appropriate.  It's possible he might not have the boot appropriate for you and will send you elsewhere to try them and then have you return for the fitting.  You can buy the boots at Colorado Ski and Golf if you wish, but you might be wise not to have their people do the final fitting or footbeds.  Some of their fitters are good; others not so much. Good luck!
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Coop, I would be extremely carefull with those Performa 7.0s.  I was out riding last weekend at Sunshine in my old pair of Performa 7.0s because my Scarpa Typhoons were at the shop with my new skis and bindings. 

Long story short, I was ripping down a fairly steep tree run and my left boot tore open.  I don't mean just a crack, the boot shell actually ripped apart in the middle of a hard turn.  Luckily I didn't bail, but it made me think twice about using 8-9 year old boots again. 
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