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[We need to make sure the book cover, contest ad, and Snowmass ESA ads all link to their info pages.]

A-Basin wants to run an ad and some sponsored content; plan on a 300x250 ad unit and probably a paragraph of content from them. 

Here's a great photo from A-Basin!

ESA Coach Annie Black at A-Basin

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at EpicSki!

See What We Have Wrapped Up For YOU!

A free Tahoe card for members courtesy of EpicSki and  <LOGO> will get you discounted lift tickets at pretty much all the mountains in Tahoe, ranging from $10-$15 <How do they get it?>

Something for Every Skier on Your List!

Thanks to guroo270 for starting the Stocking Stuffers thread that is full of great little ideas for the hard-to-gift skiers on your list. How about wax, socks, gloves, lip balm, ticket vouchers, gummi stone, handwarmers, toewarmers, sunscreen, moisturizer, balaclava, neck gaiter, powder cords, lens cleaning cloths, scrapers, fluoro-wax swipes, Power bars, collapsible water bottle...


For the Serious Skier -- The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing by Bob Barnes!

For students of the sport from its foremost professor Bob Barnes, The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing, 3rd edition, is an invaluable resource that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about skiing--from modern ski technique to historical information, teaching methods, learning theory, and biomechanics. This is a pdf version of the original book, now out of print, and is only available here on EpicSki. Please note: this is not the much-anticipated "multimedia edition" that we hope to have available next year. It contains all the text, but not all the fun eye candy that Bob Barnes has been adding to it. The next iteration of "TCEOS" is going to be incredibly cool, no doubt--this is TCEOS stripped down to the words.  

Who Will Win the EPIC Skis? Please Vote! 

It's not going to be easy to choose, but please vote for the best entry in the Contest for the EPIC Skis! <link to thread with poll instructions Dec. 21> Several of our most creative members are vying verbally to work with custom designer and fabricator krp8128 (Kyle Pilote) to build the skis to his or her specifications with a topsheet designed by EpicSki's art director, Peter Galletta. Voting begins December 22 and continues until December 28 and the winner will be announced December 29. 

Last Call for ESA AspenSnowmass!

There's still time to join EpicSki Academy Director (and Aspen local) Weems Westfeldt and his superb coaching staff at AspenSnowmass, January 10-14, 2010, for a fun week of skiing that will completely revise your future expectations! Yep, it's that good. C'mon and find out for yourself! 

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