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1) Equipment:

Each player shall be allowed (1) pair of skis, (2) poles/shafts, 14 clubheads (the lastest clubheads twist on)

Ski golf balls & culbs must conform all USSGA specifications.

2) Rules of Play:

a) Player must wear boats and skis at all times will stoking the ball.

b) Player will comence play from top of designsted lift.
c) A stoke we be deemed taken if the player swings with the intent to stoke the ball.
d) Player shall play the ball as  (the/she/it) finds it..
e) Any player induced movement of the ball will incur a (1) stroke penalty (ball must be replaced in it's original resting place).
f)  Player may take an unplayable lie with in (2) skies of the oringinal ball's resting place
         (no closer to the bottom of designated lift).                         
g) Lost balls, player will have (2) minutes to locate ball.
h) If ball is deemed lost player must return to place of last stoke and incur a (2) stoke penalty.
i)  Player will be deemed to have stoked out when players ball comes to rest inside lift line ropes at base of designated lift.

The committee will decide all rulings 

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I vote for frisbee/disk ski golf instead..
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