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questions about "roto brushes"

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im new to tuning, and still trying to get a handle on all the info here. I have about 5-6 pairs of skis and 2 snowboards to take care of. Im interested in learning about roto-brushes. There are two different sizes, one for ski one for snowboards? Can you get away with just using one size to help limit the initial purchase amounts and add to it later on?  The brush slips over an "axle" and into a drill, does the handle you hold have a bearing or something in it? Sorry for the stupid questions, never seen one before. You will need a brass, horsehair and nylon brushes correct? thanks,
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There are actually (3) sizes: 10, 14 & 20cm.

The all that fit the Quick Grip handles are interchangeable as are the brushes. There is a bearing in the handle and the shafts pop in and out with a 'soft' lock.


The fixed handle and guards can pop out quickly if you have a hand chuck on your drill.

The changing in speed and effort reduction moving from hand brushing to a roto-brushing is huge. Ten fold may be a stretch, but it sure seems like it. Moving from a 10 cm to a 20 cm roto brush may 'almost' halve the time for some tasks with wider snowboards and skis over 10cmm, but won't for all tasks and is probably somewhere in between. If I was primarily finishing snowboards, I'd appreciate the 20cm brushes over time, but for skis mostly, I'd save the money and go with a 10cm system. The other side of it is storing or transporting your tools.

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thanks Aplinord, im doing more skis than snowboards, to start i can get the 10cm, then if in the future decide i want to get the 20 for snowboards there will be no issue using the same handle, correct. just longer axle and brush?  Ive seen it in your videos now that i get a view of it it makes sense. Do you need a certain size drill chuck (ive got a 3/8 electric drill) or is the axle cut down to fit any chuck? Thanks again for all the help,
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The hexagon shafts are 10mm/3/8" but are milled round to go in a 3/8" (or 1/2") chuck. You only need one handle and you can stack two 10cm's on a 20cm shaft. This is great for skinnier nordic skis, but not so much for skis wider than 100mm because different diameter brushes may create a conflict.

I suppose one option rather than buying more costly 20cm brushes later, is to buy another 10cm set to stack with your initial brushes on a 20cm shaft (ie, two brass stacked together, etc).
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