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Smoth, sounds like your GS ski has a double grind.  That might not be the "correct" term.  Some skis are grinded with a triple!    The reason the lines go on a angle is to help channel water out from under the ski.  There is nothing wrong with that grind.

Frederik, It is debateable as to completely cool the ski during base prep., but scraping, and brushing each time is a must!   When you get to the last coat ( wax of the day ) you must let the ski cool completely before scraping, and brushing.  The softer the wax, the longeer the wait.   Yellows, about three hours, reds, about 1.5 hours, and blues about 45 mins.

Hope that helps you two!  Have fun, Jacques
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I just got my SL skis and while they are in overall good shape, the bases do need a grind.  Having just learned that there are different types of grinds, what pattern should I ask for?  Since there is so little gliding involved in SL, does it even matter (for me)?
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Here is some good reading.


Mike de Santis is truly a master tuner.
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Mike D also has an article in I believe it's called "Alpine Masters".  He goes through the whole base prep process which includes cycling the wax in at the start of the year by hot waxing, letting the skis cool and then hot waxing again without scraping or brushing and reheating the wax several times while adding a little more wax each time.  I did this to my skis and even after 4 days of all day skiing, the skis didn't look like they needed waxing.

Last year my bases were getting white along the edges like the OP stated.  The only difference this year is I brought the skis to saturation with wax prior to bringing them out.  I used first paraffin then switched to a universal wax for the base prep.  The only reason I used straight paraffin was to test it out after reading about using it here.  Didn't much care for the results so I switched to universal.  I haven't switched to any other (i.e. harder) waxes yet even though the temps have been in the teens - low 20's and it is all man made.

I now have a total of 8 days of all day skiing on my skis and after the initial prep, have re-waxed twice; not because they needed it, but so they wouldn't need it.  I'm a believer in getting the skis to saturation then keeping them full.  It's like drinking water because you're thirsty instead of drinking before you're thirsty.  If you wait until you're thirsty, it's too late and you are becoming dehydrated.  For the skis this means the bases turn white (at least I think it does).

If you ever have a chance to have Mike tune your skis, go for it.  He does an incredible job and if in the shop at the time, will explain everything to you.  He did my cheater race skis and two other shops did my other skis (just worked out that way because of timing/location) and none compare to what he did.  He's a great guy that does great work.  Looking forward to getting my almost real race skis to him and even my all mountain skis.  If he does your skis and you're having issues with them, it means you need a lesson or to see a boot fitter.

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Fixing Base Burn at home.

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