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Lace-up liner tricks?

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Hi all,

I picked up a Lange Super Comp lace-up liner, which I am using in my Raptor 120's.  What is the trick to getting it on and laced up?  Once I slide my foot into the liner, the cuff of the boot is usually too tight to get the laces re-threaded, and I can't put my foot into the liner with the laces already threaded through the top 2 loops: I need the tongue to be loose so I can pull it forward.  One thought I had was to put the liner on, and then put it into the boot, but that only works if the boot is warm.  Really tough to do with a stiff boot if it is cold.  

I know there must be a trick out there.
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couple of options to try

1 remove the laces altogether.... do you feel a difference to the feel & fit? do you need the laces? i know several people who don't use them
2 put the liner on first then into the shell.... this is the normal proceedure with race boots & lace up liners, a hotgear bag may be a good Xmas pressy
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this will cure it forever!!

get a Salomon hiking boot replacement Gilly kit.  its a kevlar core 3mm diameter lace with a lace-lock.  they are about $15 CDN.  replace the existing laces and the new one is slippery enough to make final adjustments after the boot is on.  also if you are considering boot volume make a ball out of the original lace and compare to a ball make from the new lace and decide if you are happier with this change in volume.  I have even seen cases where the huge knot can make minor cuff alignment changes if it is not placed in a strategic position.

happy holiday
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