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hey everyone, I know there are a few threads on this topic and I have read through most of them. However, I still need more of a direct answer to this question. I already have a pair of Oakley A Frames with Black Iridium lenses. I ski mostly in Utah in January and the time when I have trouble is when it is medium light in the early morning, sunny in the afternoon, and medium/flat later on in the day. It obviously varies and definitely is cloudy and snowing on a decent amount of the days, but when the light conditions change over the course of the day, I am kind of out of luck because my lenses are not great for low light. I was wondering if you all thought it would be better for me to get Pink Iridium lenses (that I could use as a more overall goggle, even when it will be decently sunny at points throughout the day, but also flatter light later one) or if I should get HI Persimmon lenses (I'm just not sure if these will be too much if it is consistently sunny for about an hour or two). I have never tried on either of these and am only going off what I have read here and other places online. Any help, input, or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!