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Where to go first European ski trip?

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Never been to Europe gf wants to go so we agreed to mix a Europe trip with a ski trip.
Have passport.

Anyone have any experience/ideas as to what would be a good place to go for a week of skiing and to also get some European culture in?

Innsbruck keeps coming up and Solden looks like a good bet as its glacier skiing so should be no snow issues.

Anyway I am wide open haven't a clue where to start. But if I can ski and get on the train and visit some "cultural" attractions (hey, its a compromise) it would be ideal. We're over 30, okay, over 40, so party hardy all night is not required. But some nightlife would be nice.
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 Take a look at www.lech.at
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What time of year were you thinking of going?
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St Anton/Lech/Zurs.
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Fox Hat, sometime in Feb.
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.....if i only had one more trip to europe to ski i think the choices would be chamonix or st anton.....both regions offer amazing skiing and cultural opportunities....although the dolomites have some pretty good stuff to offer too.......wherever you go, spend at least a week to ten days so you really get a feel for it......
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Austrian and Swiss resorts tend to offer the most European feel (you know Julie Andrews doe a deer etc). Austria is usually less expensive than Switzerland. If you are really wanted to a pure skiing experience Tignes is tough to beat. It has the altitude to ensure good snow cover and it has an abundance of terrain. If your on a budget France tends to offer the most bang for your buck. If you are worried about snow cover which is an issue in Europe you might want to consider the Austrian resorts that have Glacier access. A warning however if snow cover is an issue the glaciers become very crowded and icy and obviously they do not offer much in the way of variety or acres.
If money is not an issue and you really want the European experience Zurmat in Switzerland is tough to beat, good skiing on the side of the Matterhorn, no motorized vehicles in the village. One word of warning if you take your GF to Zurmat she might want to become your Wife!
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Get a copy of "Where to Ski and Snowboard" by Curtis Gill and a bottle of wine. By the time you finish the wine you'll be ready to fine tune your plans with comments from EPIC.
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For Feburary, your focus should be less on glacier but on crowd avoidance!

Zermatt, or somewhere in the Dolomite?


(ok, I like gawking at stunning scenary...) 

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Avoid France in February, as most resorts will be very busy.
If you can go later in the month, Austria/Italy/Switzerland will be less busy.

Here's my top choices:
St Anton
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 Loved the dolomites and skiing the Sella Ronda area(s), and hitting Florence and Venice for the culture bits, which kept the OH very happy. The food we had in Selva over a week of skiing was wonderful.
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Ah yes, Italy. My choice but then I'm a paisano. Seriously I saw Venice about 2 hours from one of the Italian resorts. But I read also that snow coverage in the dolomites(?) can be spotty. Again never been but in February how spotty can it be?

Italy would definitely go over big with my lady for sure. That is #1 on the list of places to look at.
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If you really want some great skiing, go for the Lech- St. Anton or the Trois Valles over the Dolomites.  If superlative, just good skiing is ok with you, the Dolomites are great.  They speak a lot of German there by the way, so it is just sort of Italy .
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I was in the Dolomites during a very poor snow year and they did a remarkably good job making snow so there was always skiiing - not necessarily great skiing. Also much lift line anarchy. But great food, great scenery, reasonable costs. Combined it with a stay in Venice. 
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I dropped the I bomb and Venice on the GF and thats all it took. Looks like its the Dolomites. Thats fine as far as skiing she is not hard core skier and I am a decent intermediate so we'll be good.

Now to find a place close to Venice and Florence.Teledance will check the Sella Ronda area sounds like where we want to be.

DRB, its Italy. Arnanchy is the rule, lol! If its anything like sitting around my grandparent's table for Sunday dinner with a dozen people most of whom speak native italian (and like to argue), I'll be right at home. :>)


Did you guys book on your own or do packages or what?



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We just drove into town and got a nice room in Colfasco, Garni Larix.  They wanted a week stay, but had good food and were reasonable.

Right on the well marked Sellaronda

The ski up bars are great

And it snowed!

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It was our first trip to Europe so we went with these guys:

I HIGHLY recommend them because:
1. They have been doing this for 20+ years and know every nook and cranny in the region. We'd be skiing and stop at a trailside restaurant and the proprietors would kick people out to make room for us.
2. prices quoted are in Australian $ (I think), which equal 0.88 USD so give yourself a 10% discount.
3. Includes most everything - ski tix, accomodations, most meals, transfers. No thinking required.
4. Skiing with Australians is a riot. They tend to be, to put it kindly, enthusiastic intermediates.

We stayed in Campitello. Had our kids so we stayed in an apartment, also gave us more flexibility for dinners (some hotels are breakfast and dinner). Not a big deal - you won't starve.

Great pictures Newfy.

The Sellaronda is the "must-do". Its just ok skiing but it is a fun trek.
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I have been to Val Gardena twice in February and it was GREAT!   We stayed in Selva Gardena/Wolkenstein .  Great small town with many access points to the slopes. Our first stay was at Hotel Linder, which had a small bar, that each night we would hang out at, plus the hotel was on a side street, off the main road, so all the night time bars were a short hop away.  However you would have to walk to the Gondola each morning, which was only about 1 block away.  The next year we stayed at  The Acadia Hotel - which was also very nice.  It was ski in ski out, but it accessed the bunny slopes, so you had to take those up and then ski down to the Gondola.   Just remember that most hotels include breakfast and dinner.  Our meals at both were wonderful!!!!!


Skiing was good, however the second year there was less snow, but they did a good job grooming and making.  

Check out the website  www.val-gardena.com/en/ there is a great map of the area plus links to most hotels in the region. 

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 I've skied in the Dolomites several times during February. Just like any other mountains, the conditions may be good or not so good, but I've always had a good time. I've stayed in Arabba, Corvara and Cortina (Arabba is my favorite). The key to the experience is to stay in one of these towns and enjoy the life skiing from town to town and riding the bus back. The Dolomites were a part of Austria until the end of WW I when they were given to Italy. So much of the region will seem more like Austria than Italy (but I think some of that is a put-on for the tourists). I would fly into Venice and then take the train up to the area. Alternatively you could rent a car, but I don't think a car is a necessity. Since it sounds like you also want to go to Florence, and that is a long way from Venice on the west side of Italy, I think the train is the way to go. Generally the train is a good ride in Italy and worth doing as part of the experience.
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More ski-up bars and scenery:

Ok, it can get crowded...
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