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Boot recommendation

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Hey guys. I'm an advanced skier. I live on the east coast and we ski in Vermont as much as we can. I'm 16 and have been skiing since I was 2. I weigh about 115 - 120 lbs and am about 5' 6" tall. I had the Dalbello Menace last season and they were horrible. They weren't high up enough on the calf and they gave me a terrible shin pain. They were not stiff enough either. I ski moguls (most important ) hard pack, trees, pretty much everything on the east coast. We make trips out west to Utah as much as we can so some powder too.

Anyway, my dad and I have been looking at the Tecnica Agents and also the Nordica Superchargers I'm just looking for some recommendations on what boots to look at. Thanks in advance.
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the only advice we can offer you on here is to get to a good boot fitter to make the decision for/with you, the correct boot is the one which fits your feet and not the one you like the look of, there is a list of recomended fitters at the top of the forum there ar ea couple in vermont area
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