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Blizzard 8.1 or 8.7 and Length Decision

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I've seen some posts on this, so forgive any redundancy. Just looking for help in making my final decision. Researched alot and now its down to final decision time.

About me: Age: 52, Ht: 6'; Wgt: 175; Athletic, Aggressive skier, Advanced Intermediate, current skis K2 Axis (old I know)

Looking for an all mounain ski but I want to focus more on trees and bumps. I live in Big Bear Lake CA and ski daily but enjoy Vail, Whistler, Lake Louis, etc.

I've narrowed my decision down to the Blizzard 8.1 or the 8.7.  I'm leaning toward the 8.1 for bumps but the 8.7 sounds better for pow days.  Please keep recommendations down to these two choices as I'm suffering research fatigue.

Which would you recommend?
What length?
Any ski shop or store you'd suggest?

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I'm about your size and I have the 8.7 in a 174cm and the 8.1 in the 179cm.

Both lean towards the harder snow. Are you sure you wouldn't be happier with a Fischer Watea 84 in a 176cm? 2009 are still to be had for $290 delivered

Look here...
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Rossi Smash, just curious on your length choices. Why did you go longer with the 8.1 and shorter for 8.7, handling in pow?  Thanks for the quick repsonse. I'll hold on the Fischer Watea 84 recommendation but may come back to it.
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The 8.1 is not as "beefy" a ski so I went up as 172cm would have come up short......

If I skied where you do, especially in the trees and soft bumps, there are better choices out there.
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Neither one is a great bump ski.  Both quite stiff.  You might reconsider and ignore your research fatigue!  For your size, a 170-175 length would work well.  For what it's worth, the successor to the Axis (K2 Apache Recon) is a very versatile and user-friendly ski.  It works well in most conditions (carves well, is wide enough at 78 underfoot for all but the deepest snow days, and supple enough for bumps).  You can demo them in most ski shops and, since it hasn't changed in construction for 6 years, probably pick up an older-year-model cheap online.  Good luck!
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