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Season Prep Exercises

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 Ok I'll admit it I'm kinda lazy when it comes to getting in shape I'd prefer my workout be skiing not doing all the core exercises, but i finally decided I need to get to work on Sunday. I'm planning on skiing 5 straight days all day next week so I figured I should get my legs in a bit better shape. First of all it's not that I am terribly out of shape I'm active most days I bike to work in the summer and probably put a couple hundred miles on my mountain bike this summer. However I know that 5 days skiing in a row the way that I am going to be skiing will be tough. I only get a handful of days a year to ski so I'm always pushing my limit everyday.

Anyways I decided to try to get in a little better shape before I leave Friday night. Sunday I ran two reps of 50 flights of stairs (25 up 25 down) then I did 100 crunches. I was busy Monday so I didn't get to work out. Tuesday I did 2 reps of 60 flights of stairs with ten pound weights in each hand and did 60 crunches in between reps. Tonight I'm planning to bump up to 2 reps of 70 with 10 lb with crunches weights and then Thursday night try to do 3 reps of 50 with 25 lb weights and crunches. If I can handle that do you think I'm in good enough shape to ski 5 straight days or should I be able to handle more steps without getting pretty worn down by the end of it?
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I hate to say it, but you can't really cram fitness.  Good for you that you're deciding to get in shape, and moving is always better than not moving, but not sure your 4 days of working out is going to have much effect.  

Also hard to say whether you will be able to ski 5 days in a row.  Have you been able to in the past?  No question that keeping fit is the answer to 5 days of painless skiing, but that requires more than a week.  Sorry.

That said, there are things you can do to increase the odds.  

I'd suggest that you do a dynamic warmup in the morning before you head out.  Something like Michael Boyle's Essential Eight.  Takes about 10 minutes.  Or if you are familiar with yoga, doing 2 or 3 Sun Salutations is also a good idea pre-ski.

I'd also suggest buying/bringing a mini-foam roller and using it every evening.  Foam rollers are amazing: self-massage tool that can help loosen up trigger points in your muscles that you will likely accumulate during the day.  Ideally you would follow that up with some static stretching - make sure you hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. If you want to get fancy, make it Active Isolated Stretching

Finally, take advantage of the hot tub.  I know that some people think hot tub is a bad idea post-exercise and that you'd be better off in an ice bath.  It is true that an ice bath would be better, but the hot tub is still a good tool to help get rid of some of the junk in your muscles, so it can be helpful.  Now if you're going somewhere that has the Nordik bath option where there's hot and cold options then definitely do both.  

You can also help yourself by staying hydrated.  When you're dehydrated, you lose a good 30% of your power production potential - which means your performance drops and fatigue accelerates.  

Lastly - try to fuel your muscles right after skiing.  Ideally this should be with liquid fuel, and should be in the 2-4:1 carb to protein range. The easiest way to get this is with chocolate milk.  Or you can pick up some powder like Accelerade or Endurox and mix it with water.  

If you're someone who likes the apres-ski, make sure you down a chocolate milk or some sort of post-workout shake before you go.  In fact this is probably going to have the single biggest impact on reducing next day soreness.

Have fun!
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