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First Pair of Skis

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I'm looking at buying my first pair of skis, I've skied for about 8 weeks and want skis that do basically everything well (Jumping, powder, piste/off-piste, speed) which is probably a bit much to ask for, I don't really want to stretch my budget over £300-£400. I'm 15 and am 5'11 and looking at family traits only have another couple inches of growing to do. Also I'm looking for twin tips.

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 The Line Invader is really nice for the price. I just bought a pair a month ago and have probably skied on them for 15 days. They are good for jumps under 35-40, whence you go above that they give a little so much and you don't want that. But i doubt you'll be doing anything bigger considering you have only been skiing for 8 weeks. They are pretty good in powder the most powder i have used them in is 3 feet so a good amount. They are really good on groomers as well as in glades and backcountry (piste and off piste). They are very maneuverable and stay on top of the powder pretty nicely. And as far as speed goes... These skis rip... i have probabaly gone the fastest i have ever gone.  I have never been passing everyone on the trait but with these skis thats all i do. An if your pretty much done growing adn 5'11 i would get these skis in a 171. The only downside of these skis are they get dents on the top layer which really only affects looks and not the performance at all. Hope this helps.
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