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Lost first post?

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Hi all, I have been reading the forums for some time and started my first thread today. When I clicked submit it said that because it was my first post it would have to be reviewed by the moderators before going up. I have since been able to put another post, but my first one has yet to go up.

I am a little concerned, because it took me a good bit of time to right, and I would hate to lose it.

Can a moderator check if my post is sitting in their review queue? Just knowing its there would be good.

Thanks, I love all of the great information here!

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 Hi Frank,  

It looks like all three of your posts have hit the forums.  Here are links to the other two besides the one above:
Are those the posts you're looking for?
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Yup, that first one was it, and now it's available in my profile view as well. Thanks for your help. I imagine we can close this to get it out of the way.

Thanks again!
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Great!  I'm glad we got you all set.  Thanks for joining EpicSki!
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