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I'd be interested in know what kind of post-surgery knee braces are being used out there.
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I've had both a custom DonJoy and a few 'off the shelf' CTRs. Both were as comfortable as can be expected. I ski where things get rough (the trees, hiking rocky wind swept zones) so they get banged up. Both brands faired the tough love well.

If you've run through your deductible (likely if you are post surgery) go for the custom. Just do it before your insurance deductible rolls over, typically at the end of the year.

Wear them as close to the skin as possible for best effect. When you see someone wearing them over their warm up pants, they aren't enjoying the full benefits of the device as all the fabric layers permit slippage.
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Not sure what kind of knee injury you had- but I had acl reconstruct surgery and my insurance paid to have a guy come out to my house and custom fit me for a Don Joy brace- they are gauranteed to work or they will pay for the surgery

I only used the brace the first time back out as I was cautious- but it was a little bulky under my ski pants but still pretty light.  It secures your knee very well and if you watch any of the college football bowl games you often see entire offensive lines wearing them on both legs to prevent injuries.  If you cannot get one through insurance they are very expensive even more than some skis but I hope this helped...
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I have a pair of the ski mojos which can work in conjunction with a brace to lesten the amount of strain on the knees. It feels like an invisible force is cradling you and helping to spring you back up.

I am very happy with it, and the customer service is excellent.

Here's a link:
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I know the nimbus independant crew (eric pollard, andy mahre, chris bentchetler, pep fujas) uses CTI braces a lot of the time to prevent injury. I used one for sports after doing my acl, but never had to wear if for skiing so i can't say from experience how it would feel on snow, but it worked well for me even when cutting and getting hit.
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 BREG fusion is one popular one as its low profile. 
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