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Originally posted by Nettie:
(1) Am I right in thinking that some/most of the force trying to rotate the ski (the actual aim/intent) is actually transmitted via the upper section of the boot and not the foot at all?

(2) If I try to twist the toes in the direction of the turn, I do apply torque to the boot and again get the ski to rotate. This makes different muscles fire and feels like I am 'throwing' both my hips out to the side. The feeling is more obvious if I use the right foot moving the toes to the left rather than the left foot moving the toes to the left. Is this what we are trying more to avoid?

(3) Finally, you are talking about inside foot for this kinetic chain (left leg going left). Is the pivoting (rotating of the ski) torque initiated by a movement of the inside leg muscles and transmitted to the outside ski via pelvis etc.?

(4) Or, is there active pivoting to be done as regards pivoting the outside ski as well?

(5) Also, are we steering the skis all the time (using E & P, especially P through the finish) and, unless in a full carve or full skid, always using both pivoting and edging?
(1) Yes, the boot is the handle of the ski-tool that we hold with our foot. For the ski-tool to do what we want, the foot must have clear and specific intent.

(2) Yup, that is one of the alternative compensating activities skiers do that have yet to grasp the potential of number (1)

(3) You got it [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

(4) Initially, I'd discourage that. However, once you have established the inside lead, outside follow (3) as your core "order of movement", the outside can begin to more activly follow and movements more reflect a clear intent for each foot/ski as they begin to truely dance together.

(5) Always guide, or park-n-ride. A personal choice. One promotes direction by choice based on awareness, the other ... well .. take a bus.
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Arcmeister: :

Thank you. Now I read the the posts with an understanding of what is the aim, what is to be avoided and a couple of the pitalls.
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