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Experience tells me that the recomended DIN settings do not work for racing, however, when setting up my kids skis I have trouble cranking them up.  I will turn up the DIN on my own skis, but for my kids I go with the advice of coaches I trust.  They work with lots of kids and know what it takes to keep them from pre-releasing.  A hard, icy, GS course in 2 degree weather will pop off a ski quicker than you can say, "what the...?" if the DIN is too low.  Part of the coaches routine working the start is to check the bindings and make adjustments. 

Bottom line, it is a judgement call.  Get the judgement of someone with the experience to provide sound advice.  Some on this thread probably have that level of experience.
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I've got, on my wall, a 1960s set of Look Nevada bindings on 210cm straight skiis. The heel is a rotating plate. Anyway, I was at the sales for bindings for my daughter's Rossi 9Xs and Rossi have gone back to the 'old fashioned' rotating plate. So I'm told, Rossi found the 'normal bindings' were releasing too early, and they've gone back to the rotating heel plate - and cranked the din setting up to 20. Cripes, what's next? Bolting your boots to the ski m'thinks.
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