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What to wear on the slope?

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Alright, ive been skiing scince i was six and have always faced a dilema.
  Should i just wear a nice warm jacket while skiing, or should i wear a couple of layers with a nice like a nice hoodie or t-shirt i like on top.
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Go to the Beginner's Forum and read the FAQ's about skiwear and layering.

Leave the cotton for the summer. there's so many better options for you.
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I will demonstrate an almost unacceptable level of either amiability or gullibility (not sure which) and answer:

Wear a nice warm jacket. One that's meant for skiing, or at least outdoor activities. Some people prefer to call them "coats," but the language is flexible.

Wear a couple (or maybe even three) layers under the jacket/coat, dependng on the conditions.

Don't wear a hoodie or a T-shirt. A ski coat with a hood: fine; but that's not what I think you mean by "hoodie." You might wear something similar to a T-shirt (except it'd be made of synthetic fabric and probably have long sleeves, and most people'd call it "long underwear" or a "base layer") under everything else, but not on top.
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its what's underneath that counts
A nice leather thong ( latex gives me such a rash).
I found a nice push-up bra keeps my hands forward
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