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Holiday Valley 12/21- 22

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Making tracks to HV Monday PM and most ofTuesday . Taking my daughter and her boyfriend as well. Daughter insisted we stay slopeside and the Inn was booked so staying at the the Tamarack . Quite a change from last year when I enjoyed the ambiance of the Peace Bridge 5 miles down the road.  Its only for 1 night she said so why not splurge!

Forecast looks pretty good so I'm really looking forward to it. Last year I caught 1 1/2 days at HV right b efore Christmas and it was probably the best snow I encountered all season which included 1 trip to Colorado and 2 to Utah! Come on Lake Effect!

Always enjoy skiing at HV. Grew up skiing there and it brings back great memories. The place continues to improve and is really quite remarkable what continues to go in there. Still haven't skied Holimont.
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I might be able to join you... PM sent.
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Might be able to get away. I'm trying to get a house I'm building weathered in so it all depends on weather and what transpires this weekend.

Got three days in Colorado, would be nice to get a day in WNY.
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My son and I were going to come from Cleveland . However, my brother and his family are coming in fron Florida for Christmas. The 2 never ever boys were pretty excited but the sister in-law  nixed it. Looks like New Years  weekend 1/1- 1/2 is gonna have to do.
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Looks like I have the chance to be in great company!

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We had a great day on snow today! It started off with 3-4 inches of fresh over a groomed base, and finished off with cloudless skies. I got to ski with roundturns and some of his family - tons of fun. I think we skied pretty much every trail that was open several times. I came home a bit tired that's for sure.

We missed you Lars! I hope we can get together to ski sometime later in the season.
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