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Zeal SPPX vs. Smith I/O

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I am in the market for some new goggles and have it narrowed down to these two goggles.  It seems to me like these are two great products and really can't go wrong either way, but I am wondering what the pros and cons of each are?

Polarized vs Non-polarized?  Multiple lenses vs single lenses?  Fogging issues? Durability? Warranty?

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My topic on this got exactly 2 useful replies: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/89110/goggles
Good luck!

I decided on the new Zeal Eclipse in the end, it's SPPX lens is supposed to give ~30% more light than last year's in dark situations, which should fix the only problem people had with the goggles. The "xtreme low light" version (great marketing) supposedly also has a slightly different colour, which should also improve low light conditions.
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 I have had both of these goggle. The I/O hands down. The Zeal felt like an all season tire..it performed equally poor in a multitude of conditions. 
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Since I have to order Zeal overseas, I can't test them. Anyone who has experience with the new 43-13 lens? (compared to 33-13 from last year)

@Phil: would you recommend more lenses than the 2 it comes with? Any favourites? And finally, what's the difference between the I/OS and the I/O?
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+1 for I/O's, best goggles I've owned, period.

Haven't really felt like I needed any additional lenses, the sensor/ignitor lens cover a pretty wide range of conditions well.

Two very minor gripes:

- They are easy to scratch - my ignitor lens has a couple after 1 season's usage and I am very careful with my gear. I don't even know how they occurred.
- Very well ventilated so cold sidewinds actually seem to blow right through them on the lifts sometimes.
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Originally Posted by Frederik View Post

@Phil: would you recommend more lenses than the 2 it comes with? Any favourites? And finally, what's the difference between the I/OS and the I/O?

 The I/OS is a small frame I/O, it is for the very small of face. I am very happy with the two lenses that come with the i/O, I haven't tried any of the others and see no need to. 
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I don't want to mess with having to think about my lenses.  The new polarized photochromatic lenses from Zeal for this season are much better than previously (and they were pretty darn good before).  Granted they don't produce the super stark contrast of a yellow lens in very flat light conditions, but honestly I was never happy with any yellow lenses even in flat light so I much prefer to err on the other side.  Also, for me (being in CO) I don't ski in absolute flat light conditions very often.

You also have your choice of 4 very different goggle shapes and sizes that all use the SPPX.  No matter your face you can find a Zeal that will work for you.
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 I took my new Smith I/O out this weekend, tried both lens' that came with them in different light conditions.  Definitely a worthy pair of goggles. 
Switching the lens took less than a minute, there was no fogging issue when I went from working hard and sweating to the cool breeze of the groomer zoomers, and vice versa.
I would buy the Smith I/O again in a heart beat.
Noodler, I know there are good lens' for a variety of condtions and the Photochromatic lens is the great "all mountain ski" in the goggle world, but there is a significant difference between the light changes in Colorado than those that are faced in the midwest.  I like having the flexibility to have a specific lens for the awful flat light transition.
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 I agree with TC, while I have never skied in the midwest, I would assume the light is more like the east than the west, in that we get more flat light than bright light but here from 2:00 on particularly on a overcast day it is tough to see. Smiths "Intense" lens is THE best flat light lens I have ever used. I agree with Noodler in that while a High intensity Yellow lens is good, it feels my retinas will get burned out if any sun light peeks out. Not only does the Smoth Intense lens produce a superior light control for low light it goves more depth to the snow plus if I do get into any mixed light conditions it is still a good lens. I am finding that unless it is a bluebird day, the Intense lens is my go to choice and use it 70/30 to the Sensor lens and that was even skiing 20+ days west last year. 
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 You guys have a point considering the intended use of the goggles.  Smith makes a great goggle too so that's probably a good bet.
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 Hey noodler, any chance I'll get to ski with you again this season?  It would thoroughly enjoy it.
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 I bought an IO and a Turbo Phenom goggle last spring.  My Wife wound up with the white framed IO and I never used it.  I bought myself a black framed IO last week and have been using it a lot this season.  The two lenses it comes with are great!  My all time favorite lens has always been the Sensor Mirror.  It is great in flat light and not to bad in bright light although my eyes are a bit fried at the end of a bright day.  I have used the Ignitor Mirror lens in my sunglasses a lot and find it also very good although not quite dark enough for really bright days.  I picked up a Platinum Mirror replacement lens for my IO and have been using that on bright days.  It's really good!  As mentioned above the lens changing process is easy and fast with the IO...  Even I can do it.  I have never used a Zeal.  I'm sure they are good.  I think the Smith with easily interchangeable lenses has to be better.  Smith is an American company that manufactures it's goods in the USA.
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The I/O is the best goggle ever sold. Hands down.
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