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Ski edges whistle?

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I have a new pair of skis,98 mm waist(factory tune)that whistle on hard snow,is that a bad tune that causes it? I also tend to get to far inside and lock the outside edge/inside ski on occassion but rarely on a much narrow,65mm waist ski,technique? Thanks.
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  1. Whistling is probably structure or (less likely) the width of the ski is acting like a tuning fork from the vibrations on hard snow.
  2. Moving too far inside is probably due to the ski having a larger radius than you normally ski. If you combine that with the extra leverage required to put a wide ski on edge it will easily throw you inside. Have more patience at the top of the turn. The ski won't hook up like a short ski with a tight radius. You will have to focus on maintaining your lateral balance with the outside ski. If you don't wait for the turn to come to you, it will be easy to find yourself too far inside the turn.
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Thanks HS that makes sense about the base structure noise. I went from 151 cm Heads for 2 days to 187cm K2. Have more patience at the top of the turn. There it is. Looks like I need to adapt faster. 
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What HS said. Two different things. The noice is the tuning I suspect and that in combination with the build of the ski. Salomon racing skis used to whistle easily if edges were tuned with too much forward motion in the tuning process causing a wave like pattern. In musical terms I would call the salomons feedback sencetive. Microphonic would be an even better musical term. You have microphonic skis .

Yes, moving to bigger skis like you did puts your weight on your inside ski real easy since they do not turn. Check out the TGIF consept.
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